An Interview with Horst Christian

R. M. Webb: Tell me about yourself.

I was born in Germany. Entered the US when I was 24. I am started writing when I turned 82. I am now 84 years old, married for 42 years and live in northern California.

R. M. Webb: Was it challenging to adapt to a different culture when you moved to America? What caused you to move? Did you meet your wife here or in Germany?

What caused me to move? I would have moved anywhere just to get out of Germany. You had to be there after the war to understand.
The USA was my first choice because my father’s sister lived in NY and send me an affidavit of support which was a USA requirement to immigrate. No it was not a challenge at all. I loved everything. However it was a very different culture. For one thing I could not believe the many different religious groups and churches and even more that people were attending services. In Germany, after war, almost nobody attended any church anymore. Equally astonishing was the unbelievable wealth of this country. The stores were filled with an endless variety of goods and the prices were low. This was in stark contrast to the way the people dressed. The poorest refugees in Poland were better dressed than the average pedestrian I came across.  By the way, even after 60 years in this country I am still puzzled that the stores are filled with nice dress shirts and dress shoes and the men run around with a T shirt. Why would I wear sneakers or flip flops if dress shoes are available?? I met my wife through a friend  in California.


R. M. Webb: Why do you create?

I am writing to support myself.

R. M. Webb: Quick! Chocolate or chips?


R. M. Webb: Is your art your business? Do you make money (or try to!) for the things you create? Do you have a day job?

I am retired. But the social security check is not enough to cover my basic needs.

R. M. Webb: What caused you to want to market your art?

The need to support my wife and myself.

R. M. Webb: Where/when does inspiration strike?

No inspiration was necessary. When I turned 82 I realized that I needed to create an income stream so I decided to write.

R. M. Webb: How do you react to negative feedback?

Does not bother me. It comes with the territory.

R. M. Webb: What’s your greatest obstacle as an artist?

English is my second language. I don’t know how to type, so I hunt and peck.

R. M. Webb: Who’s your biggest champion?

I guess, I don’t have one.

R. M. Webb: Quick! Red or blue?


R. M. Webb: Do you have kids? If not, do you want to have kids?

I have a 57 year old daughter and have no need for another child…..

R. M. Webb: If your child showed talent in an artistic endeavor, would you help her pursue a career in that field after having worked in a creative field yourself? Why or why not?

I would teach my child to become an adult and take care of herself.

R. M. Webb: How do you structure your day as an artist/entrepreneur/person/parent? How do you get it all done?

I get up at 4:30 am and work until I am tired. Most of the times I am in bed by 8:00 pm.

R. M. Webb: Describe yourself as a parent.

I tried my best, but very often the best is not good enough.

R. M. Webb: What’s the best thing about raising kids?

Can’t think of anything.

R. M. Webb: What’s the hardest thing about raising kids?

Knowing that they are influenced by peer pressure. If I would have known what I know now, I would opt for home schooling.

R. M. Webb: Are your kids ever involved with your art? Do they inspire you? Work with you? Would you like to include them in your business as they grow?


R. M. Webb: What advice would you give someone dreaming of making it in your field?

Go ahead and do it. Be prepared for long hours but stick to it. You will succeed if you back it up with hard work.

R. M. Webb: If you could pass one thing on to the next generation in general, what would it be?

To use their mind. All the time. Life is not a part time occupation.

R. M. Webb: What’s the best thing about your life?

I am happily married.

R. M. Webb: Quick! Eat out or cook at home?

Eat out. (Is there any question? That’s why I am happily married.)

R. M. Webb: What’s the hardest thing about your craft?

Arteritis in my fingers

R. M. Webb: What’s the best thing about your craft?

I can work when and where I want.

R. M. Webb: What’s the hardest thing about the business side of your craft?

Marketing. So I hired a virtual assistant.

R. M. Webb: What’s the best thing about the business side of your craft?

Positive cash flow.

R. M. Webb: Quick! Your peanut butter’s on your banana. What do you do?

Feed it to my dogs.

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