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Book Review – The Light Between Oceans

I have to admit, this book isn’t in a genre I typically enjoy. I got it as a gift for Christmas and, as I’m constantly working on trying to make myself grow outside the lines I’ve drawn for myself, gave the book a go.

As I read, I wasn’t especially moved. I found the writing style to be somewhat bland. I’d be in the middle of reading a heart wrenching moment, a scene that should have moved me to tears, and realize that I was just simply reading. I didn’t relate to the characters on an emotional level at all. I could see what was happening — the author wrote well enough to create the ‘mind-movie’ for me — I just didn’t feel what the characters were feeling. And actually, that’s a good thing. These characters went through some terrible stuff. I’m not really sure I would have WANTED to feel what the characters were feeling.

I carry enough sadness around inside me. I don’t like to read books that center on sadness and loss because, well, life already has a habit of doing that. I much prefer books to entertain me, to take me on a wild ride so that I can step out of life.

I spent the majority of the book thinking I was going to give it somewhere between a two and three star star rating. But when I got to the end, and it was the right end — not too depressing, not too sappy, just the best end these poor characters could manage — I opted to give it four stars.

That’s a big jump, you might say. As usual, I have my reasons.

If I really used the Goodreads star rating system as they’ve set it up (2 stars being ‘it was ok’ and 4 stars being ‘really liked it’) I’d opt for a two star rating. Why then did I go with four stars? As I said, I knew going in that this book wasn’t my thing and that’s not the book’s fault.

Disagree with me? Feel free to tell me why you loved this book. I love discussion.