Hush – Witches & Warlocks Book 2

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Her words have power. Too much power.

Best friend a fraud? Check.
Boyfriend a liar? Check.
Her whole life a carefully constructed conspiracy? Check

If this is what it means to have a voice, then maybe Zoe doesn’t want one after all.
Finding out she’s a witch isn’t nearly as cool as Zoe would have thought. Of course, she can’t just be a normal witch. Oh, no. Zoe’s a bad ass witch who’s somehow able to cast both light and dark magic. And that pretty much makes her a magical time bomb, because every time Zoe gets upset, she ends up losing control of the dark stuff and someone ends up hurt.

Or dead.

Noah’s trying to help her learn control, but even with his help, she can’t quite keep it all locked away. Thing is, there’s a part of her that likes the way it feels when her dark magic is flowing through her. A part Noah keeps telling her to ignore, but the more she ignores it, the worse things get.

She’s decided that in order to control her dark magic, she’s gonna have to understand it. And to understand it, she’s gonna have to explore it. And that’s where things get dangerous. Because while she’s exploring, she might lose herself completely.

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