Speak – Witches and Warlocks Book One

Speak – Witches and Warlocks Book One

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“I found myself not wanting to put the book down and, toward the end, just kept on reading into the wee hours of the morning … Women of all ages will recognize the pressure on women to silence themselves, to hold themselves back from speaking their truth and developing their full potential.” — Marilyn Peake, author of Shade

“A great book for all urban fantasy lovers.” — Michael Omer, author of the Narrowdale Mystery Series

“I … really relished the powerful outburst that I knew would be coming from Zoe as she bottled up her frustration after trying to please everyone early on.” — C.N. Crawford, author of The Witching Elm


Her words have power. If only she could speak.

Zoe’s shy. Like really shy. Even simple conversations with her best friend, Becca, can have her lost in her head, worrying about all the things she might have said or done wrong. But there’s this part of Zoe that’s as ferocious as a tiger, this part that paces in frustration whenever Zoe gets quiet, and urges her to do things that push her out of her comfort zone – her very small comfort zone.

The tiger gets its way when Zoe meets Noah at her favorite bar, because Zoe is so not comfortable. First, Noah’s absolutely gorgeous. Second, every time he touches her, she feels these golden pings of … something … that calm her and soothe her and make her feel like the answers to all her questions are right around the corner. And third, it looks like Becca is keeping a dangerous secret, a secret that Noah is in on and isn’t happy about at all.

With Noah’s help, Zoe’s gonna have to learn to speak, because her words hold power … more power than she ever dreamed possible.

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